Libra Horoscope 2019


In the previous year, you enjoyed peace, but 2019 will be full of events. You'll be especially well in your career, but your personal life won't be left. You can expect both positive and negative experiences... Moreover, thanks to your qualities, people born under this sign, controlled by Venus, are able to fight any trap. These individuals will be predisposed to an artistic gift. They're smart, fair and true. Sometimes your excessive sensitivity can be a disadvantage. During early winter time in 2019, Libra can expect many events to happen. First, you'll find a career opportunity and you'll have to take advantage immediately if you don't want to lose it.

you will do extra work, but the result will be worth it. The decision is up to you. In addition, because of the influence of Mercury on Taurus, which you can expect especially in March. you will feel a strong sexual impulse. So you can expect a passionate urge between you and your partner. This year's spring will continue in a similar spirit. Long-term relationships will also have a chance. The horoscope 2019 says now is the perfect time to take the next step...

You're on the same wavelength as your partner, so any proposal will be understood. Even in your career, you will be pursuing your goal. The turning point may come during the summer months of 2019. There will be a dishonest person around you trying to harm you. This time, you really can't trust on others. You have to take care of this situation alone because only then you can learn and walk with your personality forward.

In the autumn, Libra can expect a positive period again, especially when it comes to career. According to the horoscope 2019, Mercury's influence in Capricorn will give you self-control and concentration capability. Just start working, the goal will be within your reach. It may even be necessary to work during leisure time. Fortunately, your partner and your family will understand you. So there's no threat here. According to the horoscope, the end of 2019 will be spent in peace and comfort of the home. Harmony will involve in you a lot. Libra will feel proud due to previous career achievement. You can use the new portion of free time for cleaning or do sports that you like and it will excite you...

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