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Aquarius Horoscope 2021

Aquarius the most important thing for you in 2021 will be: spirituality, money, communication, health, work, pampering your body, family and intellectual. Year in which 6 eclipses will occur, 4 of them moles, therefore it will be a very special year. You will be affected by 5 of them in health. The most important thing of the year will be the enormous personal and spiritual progress that you will make, which will benefit you in your finances. You've been in many years when money isn't a problem for you. But this will be even smaller.

Love will continue as it is, with its routine without too much emotion. Just like your social life. You won't be interested too much, trying to get out when you really want something else. For you primara, make a better use of time. At work you will do very well in general and especially those who devote themselves to communication issues such as teachers, periodists, publicists, salespeople, writers...


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Aquarius Love 2021

Aquarius, in 2021 love will not be very important to you. If you're single, you're still the same, single. You will prefer to dedicate yourself more to your activities than to socialize. You don't mind being without a partner either. The second semester will cheer you up a little more and go out with your friends, but not much. If you fool around and intimate with someone, it will be through your new professional/intellectual/spiritual relationships.

If you're married, you won't do well this year. Your independent attitude will cause discussions and problems in your marriage or in your relationship. Let's say that your great spiritual interest separates you from your partner, who does not share your ideas at all. Some might end up breaking the relationship; others will continue, but it will be hard. There are too many differences between the two and different ways of pretending how to use leisure time, which you have in common.


Aquarius Social Life 2021

By 2021 you will be very independent. You'll want to make your life. You will not want to relate so much, the little you will do will be obliged and on a professional level. On the contrary, it will be an effort for you, because the short time left free, you will want it for you, for your personal needs such as doing alternative therapies, taking care of your body-soul-mind, attending seminars and talks of your interest... And this will mean taking time away from work and family. So you won't have time for social.You will actively participate in an NGO. You feel the need to help others in a committed way. It makes you feel good and it is due to your great personal and spiritual development.

Aquarius Work 2021

Aquarius, in 2021 you will have a great professional success, thanks to your great involvement and spiritual development. You could have two jobs, one yours and the other in some altruistic association or NGO. You're gonna take it seriously. Your professional and economic success will bring you a very good reputation and an important social level. You should be proud.

The advice is that you should be able to combine this important professional life with your family. They will demand a lot of attention this year and you will be shared. The right jobs for you, are all those related to water industries or the fine arts. If you're looking for work, do it in these sectors.

Aquarius Money 2021

Economically you will do very well throughout the year and you will end the year even better. Your ecoomy planet is Neptune, which turns out to be the planet of spirituality, so this means that the more spiritual we are, the better we go with the money. You still have very good intuition, for business, so if you have the opportunity to invest in something, that catches your attention, do not hesitate to do so.

Aquarius Family and Home 2021

Aquarius, your family life will be chaotic. There will be a lot of problems, discussions, breakups... You're going to be focused on your family, because you're going to see that there's no stopping disagreement. You'll all be very nervous and moody. When it's not for one it's for the other and this won't let you live quietly. You need harmony and peace, to live happily and with your emotional balance intact. The solution involves making radical changes on certain issues. Until you do, your home won't calm down. It's possible that you change your house or if you don't, that you redecorate your house. As a good Aquarius, you're going to modernize it and put more technology. If you have space, you'll put in a gym too. Your children's lives, if you have them, will remain unchanged.

Aquarius Health 2021

Health will be very good this year, only at specific moments you can get to have small transient and unimportant diseases. Your health will depend on your emotions, so it is important that in your home there is harmony and well-being. In this way, you will also feel the emotional balance you need, so that your work and money work well.

Your weak points are: ankles and legs, stomach and digestions. As always, you know it's best for you to get regular massages on feet and legs. Then, it is advisable, to continue with your intermittent diets. Your stomach thanks you. Every year I tell you the same thing, eat slowly, savoring the food and with conversations, that will distract you and allow you to eat slowly.

Aquarius Personal Evolution 2021

Aquarius your personal development go entirely through spirituality. It'll be the most important thing of the year to you. Everything in your life is influenced by spirituality and as it grows more and more, that is why your profession and your economy increase as well.You're going to have premonitory dreams, so take note of them, because you'll get messages of all kinds that can help you in life.

Aquarius Studies 2021

If you are a student, this year will do very well and you will get the grades you propose. Your power of concentration and your great will, to devote yourself to study, will lead you to success. If you have time for reading, this year you will be monotopic, religious and spiritual themes will occupy part of your free time.