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Leo Horoscope 2021

Leo 2021: the most important thing of the year will be frenetic work, profession and health. Adventurous love. Social and working life intertwined. Lifestyle change. More spiritual sex.

Year in which 6 eclipses will occur, 4 of them moles, therefore it will be a very special year. Change in lifestyle, to get to feel the way you want to feel: fit and energy. The work will be very busy, with a lot of stress, but also important for you. You will interact with important and powerful people and experience important changes within the work, albeit positive.

It could be that you'll start dating someone from work or related to your work. It won't be easy and your emotional and sexual life changes. Great spiritual evolution and change of focus your life, thanks to the 4 lunar eclipses that will be given in your House 12. A trial that you have pending is resolved in your favor. You'll be fine with your studies.


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Leo Love 2021

Love will do you great in 2021, Leo. You will turn out super attractive, for the opposite sex and will find you very interesting. This means that your power of seduction will be enormous and you will wreak havoc. If you are single, you will have a lot of sentimental adventures, you will feel adventurous in this regard. Love and labor relationships intersect and this means that you will have a tendency to have relationships with one of your bosses or it will be your bosses who introduce people of the opposite sex, with the intention of developing a relationship. The thing is, you will be attracted to powerful people with good social standing.

If you're in a couple, you could get married. If you're already married, you'll do very well, because you're very conservative and restrained about everything related to marriage. Your power of seduction will revive passion in your relationship.


Leo Social Life 2021

Social life revolves mainly around your work, especially if you're single. There will be a lot of social life with your co-workers, with your bosses on and off the job. So, the topics of conversation revolve around work, economics, politics... You will also interact with your friends and family, whom you will invite home. You'll have lots of parties, lunches, dinners at home, so as not to lose touch.

Leo Work 2021

Work is the most important thing, along with health. It will be excellent, but with constant changes, which although good, can make you feel instability. Contingencies, nerves, surprises... will be a crazy year!!!

If you already have a job, the profession will do you very well and you could even be promoted. Your professional ethics and impeccable work will be duly valued by your bosses. In addition to the ones you do, you will receive other offers as well and/or to do another job within your current company. They know, you can do it and they'll trust you. You'll do great if you work as a freelancer. Also if you work with Computers or Computers, on-ine companies, high-tech...

If you're out of work, you'll find insurance. In fact, I would say that you will find several offers and you can choose the one that you like best. In addition, this year the profession and love go hand in hand, so you will surely go out with people from work and your partner will be from that environment or someone related to work.

It is also a year in which you will dedicate yourself to helping your family in their jobs: to make their way in new ways, to find work... You'll be there supporting and contributing your ideas.

Leo Money 2021

Money for Leo in 2021 will not be too important, but it will be changing and in a prosperous background. You should focus more on your economy, keep better control of your expenses, to have more money and to live more peacefully. The pace of your income will vary. There will be months when you get more income than others and these will make you feel unstable.

Leo Family and Home 2021

2021 will be a tricky year in your family during the whole Spring. Changes will arise and marriage, if you are married, will go through an existential crisis. The difference in attitude, which will exist between your husband/wife, will be huge. One will be responsible and conservative and the other will want to be freer and take care of their friendships. You'll have to face this in the best spirit.

Then, you'll be debating the advantages of moving to another home all year round. Some will do so, albeit with delays and more obstacles than expected. Others will spend the year raising it, but in the end they will stay where they are. The reason will be, because they want to set up a home gym, an office to work from home and see the possibility of mounting this in their current home, making some arrangements. You'll also have lots of parties, meetings, dinners... at home.

Leo Health 2021

Health will be the most important thing during this year 2021. Leo, you'll be in good health, but you'll have a tendency to worry too much about her, even if you don't have anything or are minor passenger problems. You will use preventive medicine and do to take care of yourself too much. You will change lifestyle, set up a mini gym at home, because you will become obsessed with being fit and walking every day. Moreover, there will be diet and weight. You will want to offer a healthy and attractive image and you will achieve it.

Especially taken care of the liver. Do not eat fats and find out what foods you should eat. The main cause with your liver problem is the problems you have with your children. If you want to feel well, keep your relationship at home balanced and harmonious. You'll be worried about the health of your children. Don't get obese, give it the importance it has, that's all.

Another point to keep in mind is your back. You should do Yoga or Pilates and massage, to keep your back free of contractures. Protect your knees during exercise, you do, as they are another weak spot.

Leo Personal Evolution 2021

Leo, you will have 2 eclipses during the year, which will affect you a lot and make you evolve spiritually: 10 January lunar and 21 June solar in your home of spirituality; plus the 4 lunar eclipses of the year... It'll be too strong for you. Leo will evolve around sex and health. Your way of expressing it will become more spiritual than purely sexual. And so it should be, moderate. Let's say, spirituality invades your sex life and it evolves. This evolution will take you to study Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Carezza... More subtle and sensitive techniques.

You will also get more into spiritual practices, which will bring about changes in your spiritual life. You need to practice Yoga, Taichi or Meditation, because they will keep you in balance and you will not fall into depression. That's why you need the holidays, the joy, the tranquility... to stay in harmony.

Leo Studios 2021

If you're a college student, you'll be doing great this year. You will have a great ability to concentrate and therefore it will be very easy for you to study and get the best grades.