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Taurus Horoscope 2021

During 2021 you will completely change your life. Excellent work. Love gets better. Excellent health. The most important thing: spirituality, your image, trips abroad, studies, philosophize, evolve, religion.

Year in which 6 eclipses will occur, 4 of them moles, therefore it will be a very special year. Year in which 6 eclipses will occur, 4 of them moles, You will be affected by the 2 solar eclipses, especially in love.

Spirituality and philosophizing about life will be the most important thing. You'll get a new vision of things and a change of attitude. The intellectual will prevail over the frivolous. Sudden changes will arise every two by three and you will tremble with fear, but you will learn to accept radical and unexpected changes without fear and you will be comfortable with them. They will be positive changes.


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Taurus Love 2021

Love improves in general. If you're in a couple, it'll be a year of election and change. A year, to perfect the relationship or to change partners. If you are single, you will have several sporadic relationships and very successful with the opposite sex and one of them could be important and serious. The advice is that when “that relationship” arises, you let it flow slowly without forcing anything. Wait until the months pass, to get to know that person well, without compromises.

You are conservative in love and you are looking for a very special person, someone on your scale of values, same philosophy of life, with class, social position and that you can show it to everyone. You want to learn from her. It could be your teacher or mentor or boss.

On the other hand, tell you that you're going to have two relationships at once. One with an older person, classy, educated, who will bring stability and focus to you; and another person with whom you will be joined by a great sexual attraction. Take your time to choose. They will be introduced to you by a friend or you will meet them at the University, they could be foreigners or related to abroad.


Taurus Social Life 2021

2021 will be a year of less social life and less fun. You'll go out with your old friends to talk, philosophize about life and death, about your future. You'll be more attracted to intellectual gatherings than to party with friends. You'll feel less frivolous and you'll be more attracted to the intellectual.

Taurus Work 2021

2021 will be an excellent year, for work, the most important thing for you. Success comes to your professional life from April, but they will require a lot of effort. They will offer you important jobs, but they will demand full dedication in return. If you are looking for work, look for jobs such as commercial, advertising, PR, transport, technology. Although it's not really necessary, because the jobs will find you.

Your image, your way of being will make people think of you when hiring someone, hiring or partnering. You transmit a very good image and they have you as a very intelligent person. Your bosses, parents, grandparents, trust you and are willing to help you get far professionally. By the end of the year, there could be the promotion and success that you have long hoped for.

Taurus Money 2021

2021 will remain economically good. No stridence. You'll earn your life well, but without exaggerating. The important thing is that you will earn the same and cover the payment of your bills and your life train. No change. If you want to invest in a business, study the subject very well first, because you could lose everything. Be well advised before making decisions.

Although professionally you will do very well and you will be promoted, you will not notice it financially until the end of the year and next year. You'll be working to harvest the fruits by 2021.

Taurus Family and Home 2021

Your relationship with the family is good. You are comfortable at home and you have no intention of moving home. You love your home and you want to stay in it. Although you will travel a lot throughout the year, it will be out of curiosity, to cultural yourself, but you will not go to live outside.

The two solar eclipses will affect the family, your parents especially. What's going to worry about is your parents' health and their relationship. They won't get along very well this year. They could move out of the house. If you want to do works at home, wait until August.

Taurus Health 2021

Your health will be excellent by 2021. You will have a lot of energy, you will feel strong and you will not fall ill. You won't catch viruses or anything. If the previous year you had a disease, it will disappear completely.

You will want to change your image, your physical appearance, so you will start a good diet and exercise daily. You will fall in size and dress style. You feel the need to change your lifestyle and become more active, fit and handsome. Your weak point is the neck and throat. Take care of them as best you can.

Taurus Personal Evolution 2021

It will be a year in which you will rethink your scale of values, your philosophy of life, your beliefs, your image... You're changing by leaps and bounds. You are changing friends or expanding your list of close friends. Your field of view has changed, so your environment has changed. Oh, that's good. You will enjoy your intellectual and philosophical, spiritual talks. But here the big loser will be your partner. You're going to change so much, that person is most likely left behind. That person will no longer agree with the new person you're becoming. You'll probably change partners, especially if you're not married and the new love that comes into your life will be the way you think it should be.

Taurus Studios 2021

It's a very good year for studies. You will enjoy your searches on intellectual topics of interest to you. He'll be eager for knowledge. You will also need the themes of religion, philosophy, values of life, spirituality, your goals for the future, your relationships and friendship... Year of Transcendental Changes!