Leo Weekly Horoscope 2018

If you were born under the sign of Leo, it's very likely that you're still a little discouraged by labor issues. But don't despair. According to the stars, an opportunity might arise to help you overcome the obstacles that have appeared on the way. Now, make sure that this stressful situation doesn't end up having a negative impact on your partner,family or friends. On the one hand, don't get discouraged and keep fighting for your interests. And on the other hand, clarify everything that needs to be cleared up with the people around you. Don't let him take it easy.

Your friendships will pleasantly surprise you with a demonstration of confidence. you will get recognition for your work in your profession. you will be overwhelmed by the continuous signs of trust from the people around you. you will be very grateful.

Leo Weekly Horoscope Love

Your loving days will be fertile and you will lead to commitments or plans of higher quality. In this sense life becomes beautiful. singles will be good to be more positive and especially selective. there is someone who sighs for you and the fears, the bonds of the past, makes them slow and undecided. do not look further back, life It's now.

Leo Weekly Horoscope Work

They must touch dirt densely and leave the work fantasies for the moment until I clarify the picture. Having projects is good, but be a little more realistic in their elaborations.

Leo Weekly Horoscope Health

This week Your health will tends to go down. you will have to replenish the energy and vitality that fail you these days. take more vitamin c and spend a few days in contact with the sea and the sun, they will help you to completely revitalize. a balanced diet will end up harmonizing your health.

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