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Astroforest offers you the Daily horoscope predictions for Libra, your zodiac sign. You will be able to know what kind of day will be at the work, what love news awaits you, Is it a good day for play the lottery and what will be state of your health.

Libra is a cardinal and air sign, it is also among the most refined signs of the zodiac; he has elegance, charm, diplomacy and good taste, loves beauty and very curious about nature and hates conflicts. His negative points are sometimes frivolity and a fickle character.

Libra for Monday, March 21

Today you will maintain a good balance between your most competitive side and the most affectionate and tender. On the other hand, you will be very active in the emotional and sexual field, so everything will be well-being and pleasure; love is around you, and if you have already a partner, your relationship will be consolidated. !Congratulations!

Find out here today's assessment of your status in love, work, health and money for Libra

1. Health:5
2. Money:5
3. Love:5
4. Work:5