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Cancer weekly horoscope 2022 says that Cancers are worried these days because they think that they are in a professional stagnation and this situation may be lasting longer than their imagination. Its will be happened due to a planetary conjunction that will affects you not because of your personal circumstances. You have to relax a little and remove the anxiety that you did an effort without achieving your goals.

This week things will start to move little by little. At the workplace you will begin to gain prestige and you may also receive some reward from your superiors. Other people may also join at your work environment. Be ready to help the new ones and you will have faithful allies forever. You can also receive a new job offer. If it happens, take it into consideration; do not throw it in the trash directly. This week your romantic relationship is on fire, and you will be the cause, because you are very irritable, so you can solve it yourself. Do it because your boy's patience has a limit.

General properties of Cancer

Short stature, upper body large, lean body in childhood, strong masculinity, round face, shadow of fear on face, yellow-faded color, gray hair, wavy gait, wide teeth, wide combs.

Probable Disease Cancer:

Lung infection, cough, tuberculosis, chronic, neurological debility, jaundice, etc. The age of 21 to 36 years is fortunate. In 37 to 52 years, there are economic difficulties and suffering from enemies.

Suitable professions of Cancer

Medical Science, Hotel, Bakery, Animal Husbandry, Tea, Coffee

Friend Zodiac of Cancer

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio

Element of Cancer