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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

You may be feeling a little conflicted about recent events, but I'd advise you to hang in there. These are the types of things that will happen during this time of the year and they should not cause long-term problems. They'll also help you find new opportunities soon enough. Taurus is a fixed air sign that symbolizes stability, reliability. This sign is ruled by the planet Venus. It's the only fire sign in the zodiac and this means that it's influenced by cold or ice energy depending on what angle of earth they are located.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope : General

"It's all about how you love yourself" Taurus is a sign of the Earth. The planet represents their personal needs and wants, bringing stability to the individuals who are born with it as their star sign. They are often known for being stubborn and once they set their minds to something, they rarely change their mind. If you have a Taurus in your life, then you know how hard it is to get them to take care of themselves. If you could give them some guidance about their eating habits and lifestyle choices, then they might see the light and change for the better! This week, many Taurus individuals will feel a bit of energy draining out of them as these days are filled with the hustle and bustle of work. However, to help you stay on your path to success, be sure to keep in mind the following general tips from this week's horoscope:

Taurus Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope

Taurus is the sign of love and relationships. If you are single, this is the time to find true love! This is also a good time for couples who have been married for a while. The key is to use each other as your sun sign matches up with someone else whose zodiac sign is compatible with yours. Those born under the Taurus sign are usually attracted to partners who they can see themselves living with for many years. They need to feel secure and this is why they are extremely committed.

Taurus Weekly Money & Finances

Many people are on a tight budget these days, which can cause stress. If you're trying to save money, cutting costs is always an option. Instead of living off ramen noodles, be sure to learn your Taurus horoscope and what it holds for the week ahead! The Taurus Weekly Money Horoscope is all about how to make money. This blog has a list of the best ways to earn extra cash that Taurus can use for their future. "Those born under the sign of Taurus are known for being grounded and practical, but many also know that they can be a bit stubborn about money. This may explain why many people in this position often find themselves struggling with money."

Taurus Weekly Career & Business

Taurus is a metal sign, which means it can be both powerful and helpful. However, that doesn't mean Taurus has to be colorless and lifeless. The power of the bull is just as much about the way it conducts itself under pressure as it is about how hard it can hit when things are going well. Your career is going to be on the fast track this week, so keep your eye on the ball and make sure you are focused on any plans that you may have jotted down for the coming weeks. You'll be able to accomplish a lot in the coming days, both professionally and personally.

Taurus Weekly Health

The health of the Bull can be influenced by many factors, and they will stay healthy as long as they stay careful. When they start to get sick, Taurus should consult a doctor quickly. The Taurus horoscope is very diverse. This sign is known for being care-free and unconcerned with how they look or how others perceive them. Yet this can mean that the Taurus' health will be easy to neglect, which can cause a number of issues for this particular sign. Each month in the Taurus Weekly, you'll find a number of health related topics, including recent medical breakthroughs, diet and fitness advice and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.