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According the Gemini weekly horoscope 2022, Gemini will enter this week with full of optimism perhaps not to shoot rockets, but much better than earlier days. You have to keep working on your self-esteem and try to improve your confidence that will give you the necessary push to consolidate yourself. It is a good time to achieve what you propose in the workplace and think about future professional goals.

Pay attention to events because life will send you messages indicating the way forward, try to remember your dreams in the morning. Weekly horoscope says that in your relationship you have to put aside your natural tendency, quite rigid and structured. You can appear cold and distant without being. Strive for displays of affection and attentions to being loved or you can get tired. Itís a chance that family responsibilities can overwhelm you, so try to share, delegate, so that everything does not fall on you. Try to free yourself from part of your burden. Itís is a perfect week for changes in the home, moves or even flying out of the nest.

General qualities of Gemini

Physical Signs Gemini

Tall, curvy body, thin and long hands, medium color, slightly near the pit, active, clear word, sharp-active black eyes, long nose, wart on the face.

Probabilistic Diseases Gemini:

Colds, coughs, tuberculosis, influenza. The age of 33 to 46 years is the golden period of their life. The 6, 21 and 32nd years of age are inauspicious.

Suitable professions of Gemini

Education, Literature, Translation Jobs, Advertising & Writing, Editors, Novelist, Engineering

Gemini friend Zodiac Sign

Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

Element of Gemini