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Leo weekly horoscope 2022 says that this is the time to analyze your financial situation and make an approach to eliminate unnecessary expenses. You can a complicated issue because usually you donít pay attention to the established budget. However now you can take advantage to establish the rules of your money and see how you will spend your money. It is important that you donít deviate from the planned plan.

It will be very positive because with the same money you can twice it. In the workplace, you may be assigned new, more prestigious and better paid roles. If you are invited for the presentations, conferences, exhibitions ... accept the invitation, because you will come up with great ideas to start your own business. Weekly horoscope 2022 also says that if you are in a serious relationship then put aside your doubts and begin for an acquire commitment. If you are alone, then it is the time to stop the adventures. A serious love surrounds you.

General qualities of Leo

Good stature, wide shoulders, strong body, impressive personality, oval face, curvy upper part of the body, thin waist, blue or yellow eyes.

Probable Disease Leo:

Inflammation, sunburn, epilepsy, fever, tonsillitis (meningitis), heart disease, etc.

The age of 19 to 36 years is the best time. From 37 to 42 years are annoying. In the period from 46 to 62 years there remain health problems, troubles, lawsuits. The 21st, 28th and 35th years are fortunate. The probability of an accident occurs in the 66th year. The 5, 13, 28 and 48th years are inauspicious.

Suitable Professions of Leo

Administration, Stock Market, Jewelry, Medicine, Films Production

Friend Zodiac of Leo

Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio

Element of Leo