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Aries Daily Horoscope today

The beginning of the week shows a good harmony between your mother and spouse. Your spouse will make good plans related to solving all household matters. This will lead to the progress of your family and there will be peace in the house. Although the support of the spouse will indeed remain satisfactory for you, but still unwanted obstacles may lose your peace of mind. In the workspace you will get recognition and also achieve success. You will have a lot of compatibility with your spouse in the middle part of the week and will be very pleased with the care of children. Your spouse will be your best friend, guide and adviser.

This time will prove to be particularly favorable for making profit from speculative activities. On the remaining days of the week you will spend your energy in dealing with issues related to debt, disease and legal disputes. This can lead to excessive exhaustion. This is a very difficult time for health, happiness and mental state of your spouse. This is not a good time for partnership ventures. General qualities of Scorpio

Physical signs of Scorpio

Medium stature, curvy body and limbs, wide face, curly hair, white character, advanced chin

Probabilistic Diseases Scorpio:

Diseases of latent disease, prostate gland, gallbladder, etc. are fortunate 29 to 45 years of age. There is a severe course or operation at the age of 62 to 71 years.

Inauspicious Year Scorpio Sign:

11, 28, 38, 52, 62

Suitable professions of Scorpio

Army, Defense, Railway, Telecommunications, Navy, Insurance, Medical, Mechanical & Machinery

Friend Zodiac sign of Scorpio

Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries

Element of Scorpio